Experience this Super Nutrient Critical to Bone Health

Fatty fish, like salmon, can provide almost a whole days worth of Vitamin D!

If you’re looking for a way to jumpstart a healthier more pain-free YOU, a good place to start would be to make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a super nutrient that is beneficial to your body’s health in more ways than one.

Vitamin D is recommended for arthritis and joint pain, as well as other chronic pain conditions because research shows that people with low levels of Vitamin D experience more joint pain. The main reason is that Vitamin D is good for your bones because it allows your body to absorb the calcium vital to their strength and longevity.

Are you getting enough Vitamin D? There are many factors to having low levels of Vitamin including diet, weight, geography, and even certain medications. Taking prednisone or other corticosteroids (sometimes prescribed in cases of Lupus), can diminish the level of Vitamin D in your body. If you’re concerned with any of these factors affecting your Vitamin D levels, check with your doctor too see how much additional Vitamin D you should be taking on a daily basis. The recommended amount of daily Vitamin D allowance is 600 IU for adults 70 years and younger and 800 IU for 71 and up.

Weight loss can have an impact on improving Vitamin D levels too, not to mention provide less stress on joints. Body fat has been found to trap Vitamin D, so improving your diet and exercise routine will make a positive impact on your overall health.

Sources of Vitamin D. Your body does get Vitamin D naturally from sunlight, however for anyone who lives in the northern part of the United States, there might not be enough sun light year round and with knowing all of the dangers in increased sun exposure, this method of getting Vitamin D really isn’t the best. Fill your diet with Vitamin D fortified foods like milk, yogurts and soy products. Fatty fish such as salmon and tuna can provide enough Vitamin D for almost a whole days worth.

If you’re looking to increase your Vitamin D levels beyond your diet, supplements are a great option. Most multi-vitamins contain levels of Vitamin D, or you can opt for an individual Vitamin D supplement. Just make sure it is Vitamin D-3, as this is the kind of Vitamin D the body naturally makes.

More Benefits. Beyond improving bone health and joint pain, Vitamin D levels have been found to have an impact on depression, blood pressure, and even some cancers. Again, before increasing your daily Vitamin D intake, consult your doctor on how much they would recommend and how.

Increasing the amount of Vitman D in your diet can help improve your overall quality life! Also, applying Stopain® products daily will really help you manage your pain and get the most out of life!