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Stopain: An All-American Success Story

It is perhaps natural to assume that a successful, national brand like Stopain is the product of a faceless international corporation. But it couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, this highly effective pain-relief brand has been nurtured by only a handful of dedicated professionals from its beginnings through to the present day.

Created by a California pharmacist, sold on QVC, now stocked in stores across the United States! We believe in the power of the product we sell and take great pride in helping millions of pain sufferers find immediate relief from their aches and agonies.

A brief summary of our
all-American success story:


New pain-relief spray invented by pharmacist in Southern California.

The innovative hands-free application and non-drug formula makes Stopain stand out from its competitors for immediate, no-mess pain relief. Marketed locally, it builds a strong word-of-mouth following among area pain sufferers.


Los Angeles Marathon sampling success leads to QVC Channel showcase.

Sprayed on by elite athletes and weekend warriors who are suffering from muscle and joint pain after running the Los Angeles Marathon, the immediate relief of Stopain makes it a runaway success within a new, larger audience. That word-of-foot success leads it to become featured by the QVC Channel, which brings Stopain its first national exposure.


First major retail store presence, thanks to Walgreens.

Stopain leaps far forward toward becoming a household name when it enters mass retail through Walgreens pharmacies. Stopain is now available in more than 25,000 mass market, food, and drug stores throughout the United States.


Troy Manufacturing, Inc., becomes sole manufacturer. (Yes, Stopain is 100% made in the USA!)

To ensure that Stopain products are developed with the highest level of quality and care, then-owners of Stopain—DRJ Group—entrust all Stopain manufacturing to Troy Manufacturing, Inc. (TMI).

TMI is a leader in the manufacturing and development of topical analgesic products sold through the professional market as well as the mass market, food, and retail stores nationally and internationally. Its 80,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility, located in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, is governed by the FDA and is compliant with cGMP practices. All functions for products TMI manufactures and packages are completed in-house with a staff responsible for purchasing and testing raw materials; product manufacturing; and testing, packaging, and distributing all finished products.


Stopain Extra Strength Roll-on joins product line.

TMI develops the Stopain Roll-on, which is now the #1 roll-on in the topical analgesic category nationwide.


Named a "demand brand." Arthritis Foundation proceeds sponsorship begins.

Mass Market Retailers magazine names Stopain a “demand brand”—with the editor saying, "[It] offers unique benefits that provide value and choice to consumers that cannot be filled by other brands." Arthritis, the most common cause of disability, affects 46 million Americans. Now for every unit of Stopain sold, the brand will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Arthritis Foundation, with a minimum contribution of $25,000.


Troy Healthcare, LLC buys Stopain and launches first national TV ads.

TMI subsidiary, Troy Healthcare, LLC, assumes control of all aspects of Stopain product development from conception to completion, offering a unique level of quality control within the topical analgesic category. This combines 8 years of Stopain manufacturing knowledge and experience with the expertise of the Troy Healthcare research and development staff, finally enabling Stopain to rise to the next level in the markeplace. As a first step toward higher sales, the Troy Healthcare marketing team launches a national TV ad campaign that appears on several popular networks and receives extremely favorable results.


Stopain Extra Strength Gel joins product line.

The gel delivers 6% menthol—more than any other cooling gel. Customers get more active ingredient at a lower price!


Stopain becomes an international brand!

Canadian customers can buy our fast-growing brand locally in major retailers nationwide—including Zellers, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Jean Coutu.

Troy Healthcare is singularly focused on developing scientifically advanced products for healthy living. It remains our mission in coming years to help people manage their pain with Stopain—so they can lead richer, healthier lives.